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Leadership Retreats

Leadership Retreat 2009

  • Leading By Pure God-Consciousness And Not By Self-Consciousness
  • Leading by Example
  • Leading Through Teamwork
  • Leadership by Empowerment:
  • Leading By Coming Directly Into The Throne Of Grace – The Bed Chamber
  • Leading Through A Clear Vision
  • Leading Through Well-Defined Mission And Objectives
  • Leading By Knowing The Difference Between Spiritual And Physical Fasting
  • Leading Without Intimidation – Power – Control
  • Leading Through Internal Value And Worth
  • Leading Through External Value And Worth – Who Are Your Constituents
  • Leadership With No Limitations
  • Leading Through A Two-Way Communication
  • Leading Through Mediation
  • Leading Through Prayer And Inner Reflection
  • Leading Through Assertiveness
  • Leading By Daily Preparation Of The Temple - A Readiness
  • Leading Through Excellence And Nothing Less
  • Leading By The Potter’s Hand
  • Leading By Destroying The Many Myths