Serenity Projects Inc.

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Elearning Support for Academic Institutions

We work closely with you to answer these many questions so that you have a smooth system in place that covers the needs from pre-admissions to post-graduation:

  • Pre-Admissions to Post-Graduation Success
    • How to decide if you are ready for Elearning
    • How to choose an Elearning platform
    • How do you decide what should be in place to launch online programs
    • How to target online students
    • How to handle admission of online students
    • How to help students into Day 1 of Class
    • How to hire and train online faculty
    • How to monitor classroom quality
    • How to know when and how to add additional online programs
    • How to mirror all on-campus services online
      • Student orientations
      • Faculty orientations
      • Faculty Training and development
      • Advising
      • Registration
      • Financial aid
      • Bookstore
      • Career Services
      • Graduation
      • Alumni services
    • How to develop curricula and courses online
    • How to keep all courses refreshed
    • How to enjoy strong multimedia in online classrooms
    • How to maintain strong communities online
    • How to keep students and faculty connected
    • How to watch your infrastructure as online numbers grow
    • How to prepare for accreditation
    • Other Types of Support Available