Computer Solutions

Computer Click-of-the-Mouse Solutions

Our cutting-edge Software Development provides clients with quick click-of-the-mouse solutions that result in organizational efficiency.  We use state-of-the-art systems such as Microsoft Windows, the Microsoft Office Suite, SQL Server, Oracle and other database engines. For your enterprise needs, we provide computer training and computer consulting in PeopleSoft and Great Plains software, among others. We can also provide a total web solution for you: from simple web page creation to integrating your databases online

HRD Solutions

HRD & Serenity Projects University

HRD must be a marriage of HR & Training ... the two can no longer be separated if a business entity plans on meeting the demands of this 21st Century marketplace.

Through HR Best Practices, clients are able to enjoy low turnover, cost savings from compliance and a structured HR policies and procedures process.

HR Performance Reviews are strongly aligned with Training and Development.


Elearning Solutions

Elearning Solutions

While online solutions are what our customers need, they also ‘want’ the human touch behind technology. As such, this polarity is forcing companies to find ways to reach through cutting-edge technology to their customers as they build and maintain strong relationships.

We are here to help you through the online transition. Our experience includes leadership of online programs at both the academic and corporate levels.

We study each client’s situation and offer a solution, through our detailed A-Z process that helps you through all implementation phases of your Elearning endeavor. You can view the many questions we help you answer through our Elearning Support for Academic Institutions and Elearning Support for Corporations.

We look forward to serving you!


Leadership Retreats

Leadership Retreat Center

Especially in a world where leadership is being threatened at all levels; especially at a time when workplace reorganization is at an all time high; at a time when you simply do not know that you can continue being a leader in a world that seems to challenge the very core of leadership – Ethics; at time when you simply are not sure you could handle the load on your desk any longer or have the strength to support your team, we encourage you to just pause a little, come away from it all and enjoy some Serenity as you refuel.

We look forward to serving you and offer one guarantee – you will not be the same after leaving. You will feel that you have enough to go several more miles!