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Desktop Trainer

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Technical Trainer - Networking/Hardware

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Corporate Trainer


 We are seeking individuals with strong skills and qualifications along with good attitude, great team spirit, honesty, integrity and professionalism who can help us maintain our motto of  

Endorsed With Excellence!


Corporate Trainer


Applicants with Experience:


An experienced applicant will have a) at least a Masters Degree from a regionally accredited university; b) at least ten (10) years of quality training experience in any of the following areas: Compliance, Leadership, Management, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Development, Finance, Marketing, Sales, HRD, HR, Train-the-Trainer, Team/Project Management, Business Communication, Business Writing and so forth with a strong focus on 21st Century market demands and c) pass our in-house Training Presentation with a score of 90% or higher.


Applicants without Experience:

Sorry applicants must have required experience due to the nature of this vacancy.

How to Apply:

Email resume along with 4 references and unofficial college transcript(s)

Interview Procedure:

  • Telephone Interview

  • In-Person Interview

  • In-Person Presentation (1 hour)


Classroom Training: Consultants must be resident within the south Florida tri-county area. Consultants can be located worldwide for online classes once they have the necessary high-speed internet access, computer and so forth.


  • With experience: $400-2000/day based on project

  • Without experience: Not applicable


Various benefits will be considered only for full-time positions involving a minimum of 40 hours per week.