HRD Solutions

Human Resource Development (HRD) is an approach to development focused on individual and organizational performance.

In the book, What CEOs expect from Corporate Training, scholars defined HRD as:

"The integrated use of training and development, organizational development, and career development to improve individual, group, and organizational effectiveness. This definition expressed the need to expand the field from the application of isolated solutions (such as training) to facilitating organizational change and improving in the performance of the entire organization." (Rothwell, Lindholm & Wallick, 2003, p.140)

  • The Need for HRD

    In a 21st century marketplace, we see rapid advancements in globalization and technology. In the midst of this constant change lies your organization's resolute need to be effective.

    At the heart of this need is the understanding that human capital is our greatest asset and that implementing a strong HRD process is no longer an option, but a requirement.

    In a strong HRD system, training and development are focused on both the individual and the organization. Training and development are integrated at all levels of the organization to facilitate and produce organization-wide change and improvement. A strong HRD system also recognizes that what occurs before and after training is an integral part of the end result.

    In an economic climate of fierce competition, organizations cannot afford to invest finite resources in the ineffective development of human capital. Likewise, organizations can no longer afford to view human resources as costs, but as capital to develop and maximize organizational potential.

  • Serenity Projects HRD Solutions

    Serenity Projects' approach is to provide you with a strong HRD solution that is effective for your organization because it meets your organization's needs. We take the time to ask, discover, and understand your goals, your needs and your resources.

    We customize a training solution that focuses on your desired outcomes and returns, yielding the highest ROI possible for your investment.

    The result is an HRD Solution designed to engage a highly motivated team, reduce employee turnover, equip employees with the skills needed to help the company reach its goals, and to ultimately improve performance by creating improvements at the individual, group, and organization level.

    Serenity Projects' comprehensive and targeted approach is a custom-fit to your organization. Serenity Projects solutions are responsive to the demands of the 21st century. Our commitment to you is to provide you with effective solutions that bring serenity to your organization.

    Our proven approach recognizes that Effective HRD is:

    • Designed to meet your needs.
      Pre-packaged, general, or ad-hoc training fails to meet the true and underlying needs of your organization. Our commitment to you is to carefully-customize a solution that meets your needs at the individual, group, and organizational level.
    • Focused on Outcome and Results.
      Training focused on your desired outcome and results prevents training efforts that end at the point of training delivery and fail to emphasize action, implementation and application. Imagine a solution that properly aligns your resources with your desired ROI. That’s Serenity Projects Solutions.
    • Linked to what takes place before and after training delivery.
      Effective training is based on a comprehensive approach illustrated in the PTLA model.
      • Pre-training efforts account for 40% of the process
      • Training accounts for 10%
      • Learning for 20% Application for 30%
      This model illustrates Serenity Projects' comprehensive approach to meeting your HRD needs.
    • Integrated with goals, strategic vision, and resources.
      An integrated approach to training means your resources are invested in a solution that furthers your company’s mission, vision and values while maintaining strategic alignment to resources.
    • A two-way communication.
      Training that is simply “delivered” in a one-way communication approach can be disconnected from your company’s true needs. With a two-way communication approach, trainees feel an integrated part of the process, building engagement, effectiveness, and ultimately, results.
    • Accessible.
      In order for training to meet your needs, it must be accessible to your target audience. In a time of diversity in employee location, time zones and work schedules, convenient training is needed more than ever before. With Serenity Project, you can enjoy a customized approach that delivers training when and where you need it. Whether we come to your headquarters, arrange a convenient venue, or deliver it all online – you are assured training is within your reach.

With attention and responsiveness, Serenity Projects has partnered with organizations worldwide to implement effective solutions. Our customers have enjoyed the highest quality service and satisfaction, with over 90% of our customers continuing to call upon Serenity to meet their ongoing needs. We think that’s the true indicator of Serenity’s proven approach.

From design to delivery, Serenity Projects looks forward to serving your HRD needs with unmatched quality, attention, and convenience. Let us deliver 21st century solutions to you today through Serenity Projects University (SPU).