The Elearning Project Stages for Academic Institutions

Typical stages for implementing an Elearning system at the corporate level include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Strategic Planning Stage: Must start at the top leadership level – what is the purpose of and anticipated outcomes of such a project? Which department(s) will be involved in this project? Who will lead this endeavor?
  • Strategic Action Stage: Leadership meets and shares its vision with the manager of the project
  • Functional Planning Stage: Based on what was shared by Leadership, the Project Manager carefully plans his/her project
  • Consulting Pre-Assessment Stage: Serenity Projects works with the Project Manager first to discuss the entire project and suggested team
  • Consulting Implementation Stages (Pre, Actual and Post): Serenity Projects works with Project Manager, and all appropriate team members as needed, to plan the implementation of this project including:
    • Which programs are ready to go online
    • Prepare and submit documents such as the online degree plan for SACS approval (or other appropriate accrediting body as needed)
    • Budget preparedness for this project
    • Technology needs - internal and/or external
    • Elearning platform: external vendor or proprietary
    • Which faculty/departments will provide the course material
    • Course/Classroom Elearning development team selection - internal and/or external
    • Course faculty team selection – internal and/or external: note here that a superior campus faculty may or may not be online material. Appropriate evaluations can be put in place to be sure that you have the right online faculty on board
    • Administration team – who all will be involved in the administrative side of this project
    • Marketing online programs – internal and/or external
    • Other processes as needed for full implementation